5849 Buffalo Gap Rd. Suite D Abilene, TX 79606
5849 Buffalo Gap Road Abilene TX 79606
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It’s Time for a Different Approach
Welcome to Upper Cervical Care

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best upper cervical care to help save lives and see these lives transformed through the love of Christ.

What is Upper Cervical Care & What is a Subluxation?

The neck is a vital and complex region of your body. In order for health to be optimized, your brain needs to communicate effectively with your entire body. Major injury to the upper neck usually results in death or paralysis, but less severe injuries can result in serious negative long term effects as well. Like a pebble in your shoe that creates more irritation the longer it is present, misalignments in your neck irritate your nerves and blood vessels over time and can create significant problems with your body’s ability to self-heal.
A misalignment combined with nerve irritation is referred to as an upper cervical subluxation. Upper cervical chiropractors reduce the brain stem irritation and improve brain to body communication by returning proper structural balance to the upper neck. In short, we get your head on straight!

What We Do

We perform a specific adjustment to the upper neck to correct the misalignment. Afterwards, you are able to rest in our state-of-the-art stabilization room to allow the nerves, ligaments, and muscles to accept the correction.

What to Expect on your First Visit?

We are proud of you for taking this big step to better your health.
Before stepping foot in the office, you will receive an email to fill out some forms to save you time. This will allow us to get a better picture of your condition.

When you arrive at the office, the front desk staff will be expecting you.
You will meet the doctor who will perform a brief case history to get a better understanding of what you're experiencing.

The doctor will perform a specific exam to find out if we can help you.
On your next visit, we will show you what we found, perform the first correction if needed, and have you rest for 10-15 minutes in our state of the art Stabilization Room

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5849 Buffalo Gap Rd. Suite D
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