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Meet Our Friendly Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Abilene

The team at Victory Spinal Care is committed to helping the community of Abilene achieve their health and wellness goals. 
We are skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting our clients back to optimal health. 
We are here to empower you to become the best version of yourself!

Meet Dr. Alejandro Elias

Dr. Alejandro is from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico-Ponce where he had a full scholarship for basketball. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people and see them do their best.” When Alejandro was 18 years old, his dad had back surgery. His dad was always active with him playing basketball and horsing around, but after having the surgery, things changed. His dad could no longer be as active as he used to due to the screws that were now in his back. Dr. Alejandro always said the surgery could have been avoided if his dad would have visited the chiropractor consistently. It was this impactful event that implored Dr. Alejandro to go to chiropractic school. He attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. It was during school that Dr. Alejandro first encountered Kale Knee Chest Upper Cervical Technique that he practices exclusively today. His wife, Dr. Emily, took him to a chiropractor that practiced Kale Knee Chest to get adjusted, and it changed his life forever. Prior to that one adjustment miracle, he had difficulty sleeping through the night without taking some sort of medicine to help him fall asleep. He felt exhausted constantly without explanation. From his first Kale Knee Chest correction, Dr. Alejandro began to see what it means to truly live at your optimal potential! He now enjoys extreme exercise such as CrossFit and obstacle course racing. He also enjoys playing basketball and volleyball in his spare time. However, his most favorite way to spend his free time is with his beautiful wife and their 2 dogs. He loves going for adventures such as hiking, traveling, and snowboarding. His faith is the most important part of his life. He is so excited to serve you and help you reach your optimal potential!
Being under upper cervical care unleashed my maximum potential, and I am now living my life in a way I had never imagined was possible.


Kale Knee Chest Advance Certification
Knee Chest Society Blue Angel
Member of World Care Specific Chiropractic
Member of Delta Sigma Chi
Member of IFCO
My health was transformed through upper cervical chiropractic. I am honored to serve that gift to others.


Kale Knee Chest Advanced Certification
Knee Chest Society Blue Angel
Webster Certified
Member of ICPA
Member of World Care Specific Chiropractic
Member of World Care Specific Chiropractic
Member of Zeta Phi Chi

Meet Dr. Emily Elias

Dr. Emily began her chiropractic journey at 19 years old after receiving her first upper cervical adjustment. Prior to the adjustment, Dr. Emily had years of suffering from indigestion problems, horrendous car sickness, post-concussion syndrome, and terrible brain fog that left her feeling constantly fatigued. After having miraculous results and complete resolution of all symptoms, she pursued a lifelong mission to deliver this type of care to families, especially children. She attended Sherman College of Chiropractic and was introduced to the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Technique through her brother, Dr. Tim Hartman. Since this having such miraculous results, she has poured herself into learning everything about the philosophy, science, and art of this technique to deliver it to the community of Abilene, TX.
One of her main passions is to deliver world-class upper cervical care worldwide. Dr. Emily has served on a World Care Specific Chiropractic mission trip to Medellin, Colombia, where she was able to adjust hundreds of Colombians and help them encounter God's presence. She plans to attend at least one mission trip per year to help those in need.

Brice Ardissono

Dr. Brice Ardissono is from Bruning, Nebraska. She grew up involved in sports which led to a variety of injuries. At a young age, she knew she wanted to be involved in healthcare but was most interested in physical therapy. Through high school, she started going to the chiropractor for her injuries and was educated on the wide variety of benefits this field supported. She chose to pursue chiropractic through an undergraduate curriculum before enrolling at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. During those four years of chiropractic school, she learned all the ways proper chiropractic care can aid the body in healing itself, preventing the need for surgeries or prescription medications.

Caring for others has always been in her interest. Her parents are both teachers who have helped their students through many decisions. She also grew up involved in her church and youth groups. Through her time at Logan University, she was involved with the student body through tutoring, volunteer activities, and student-led organizations.

In her free time, she enjoys relaxing with her favorite movies and television shows. Her time is also spent working out, playing games with friends, and reading when she is not studying more about chiropractic.

Through her travels she visited Abilene, Texas and loved how it combined the small town she grew up in with the big city she had lived in for the past four years. She is working at Victory Spinal Care to serve the community and help people live to their optimum potential.
Being under upper cervical care unleashed my maximum potential, and I am now living my life in a way I had never imagined was possible.


Activator Technique Certified
Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific Training
Member of Chi Rho Sigma Chiropractic Fraternity
ART Training

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