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Fibromyalgia’s Link to 5 Other Health Conditions

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that makes a person suffer from widespread musculoskeletal pain in many different parts of the body. It’s not transmittable, so you cannot catch fibromyalgia when exposed to someone who has the condition.

People hoping for fibromyalgia relief in Abilene should explore the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic. A safe and gentle technique, it addresses any neck misalignment that might be causing the debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Health Conditions Associated with Fibromyalgia

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 80-90% of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia are women. Usually, this condition is closely connected with other health concerns such as:

1. Migraines and tension headaches

For people with fibromyalgia, sometimes headaches fall under a symptom, while sometimes they're considered a comorbid condition, or those conditions that are simultaneously present in a patient. The same goes for migraines that can co-exist with fibromyalgia.

Two out of five patients with fibromyalgia often get migraines or tension headaches. Researchers consider central sensitization as the common denominator of these three conditions. Central sensitization is the brain’s hypersensitivity caused by stimuli such as touch, noise, light, and odor. The trigger varies for every person; some feel more intense pain than others.

To help get you through the debilitating symptoms of tension headaches, migraines, and fibromyalgia, a few tweaks to your lifestyle may be more helpful than you think. Get enough regular sleep; follow a healthy diet by eliminating processed foods and artificial sweeteners; keep hydrated; and exercise for those who can tolerate the pain.

2. Anxiety and depression

The pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia can be stressful for the affected person and cause anxiety and social isolation. In addition, due to the widespread pain, people who have fibromyalgia tend to engage in fewer activities and may withdraw from other social engagement, leading to depression. Therefore, there is also a possibility that pain, anxiety, and depression are part of fibromyalgia.

Depression and fibromyalgia can get in the way of life, whether be it at home or work. So if you are suffering from these conditions, seek a medical professional's help to address your concerns. This may mean seeing separate doctors for fibromyalgia and your depression and anxiety. Giving them a complete account of your health concerns, including possible causes, injuries, and medications can help them provide the best course of care for you.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and fibromyalgia, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

3. TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders

It is quite common for fibromyalgia patients to have TMJ disorder and get symptoms such as jaw clicking or feeling like something is popping whenever you move your mouth; they also feel pain in the face or head and neck. TMJ disorder also causes difficulty chewing and teeth that don't close together properly. 

To help deal with the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, you may choose to eat soft foods instead of those that will require heavy chewing, as this may be really uncomfortable. You may also do a warm or cold compress on your jaw part; take medications if the pain becomes unbearable; and choose upper cervical chiropractic. Don't hesitate to seek consultation with a chiropractor to get TMJ disorder and fibromyalgia relief in Abilene.

4. Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS is a common digestive disease, and previous studies found that IBS usually overlaps with fibromyalgia in the same patient. The data claims that 60% of IBS patients experience fibromyalgia, and up to 70% of fibromyalgia diagnosed patients experience symptoms of IBS. So if you have fibromyalgia, you will likely have IBS or the other way around.

These conditions can cause sleep disturbances and fatigue and lead to anxiety and depression. Talk to your doctor to help manage symptoms and find the root cause of these conditions. 

5. Interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome

A painful bladder condition and fibromyalgia frequently happen together and are more common in women. Interstitial cystitis can bring about symptoms that can hinder your daily life. This includes urinary frequency, urgency, discomfort, and pain in your pelvic area.

The overlapping occurrence is still a puzzle. Both conditions may be related to pain originating in the nerves, and IC can also lead to central sensitization, which is common in fibromyalgia patients. A consultation with a health professional can help you find the best treatment that works for you to manage and eliminate your symptoms and avoid recurrence if possible.


Where to Get Fibromyalgia Relief in Abilene That Lasts

There have been many testimonials and success stories from patients whose symptoms and episodes have been managed and relieved through upper cervical chiropractic. So what is the reason behind the pain brought by fibromyalgia? It can be a misalignment in the uppermost bone of your spine found in the neck.

When a misalignment occurs, your brain gets mixed or false messages which can prompt the brain to perceive severe pain even when there is none. Your licensed chiropractor will take a physical examination and may also require x-ray tests to confirm a misalignment and then apply the precise and gentle technique to make the bone return to its correct position. Upper cervical chiropractic care is safe and will only need less than an hour of your time for every session.

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